The process of steel slitting or simply cutting steel is a testament to our advancement in technology and science. Here at Consolidated Metals Service, Inc., we have the ability to cut a multitude of large metals coils made of different materials at various lengths. Combined with are other specialty services, Consolidated Metals can provide you with the necessary attention and satisfaction you deserve.

Also known as precision slitting, steel slitting is a process that cuts down large metal coils into a desired size using advanced machinery. These large metal coils are placed into the machine laterally and then travel through circular razors that rotate, cutting the coils. The circular razors are adjusted horizontally to meet the requested width a certain client desires.  At Consolidated Metals, we have been precisely slitting steel to widths as thin as .0250 inches and as wide as 48.00 inches since 1982. You can choose from our wide variety of metals or bring your own inventory, either way we will ensure you receive the best services possible along with defect-free products.

We offer our slitting services for the following list of metals:

After being cut to the requested width, we can provide you with our additional Shipping, Warehousing, and Edge Conditioning Services. Our fast delivery services guarantee your order gets shipped to you on time and in perfect condition. Here at Consolidated Metals, we understand that you can’t always store all the materials you need at your place of business, that’s why we provide Warehousing Services that protect your metal inventory via our climate controlled warehousing dock. And with Edge Conditioning, we can ensure your metal coils have safe, smooth edges that can easily be handled without the worry of possible injury.

Eventually, our finished coils will soon be made into a vast variety of helpful products many people use every day: Fourslide / Multislide Parts, Fin Tube Applications, Automotive Parts, Electrical Components, Food Containers, Battery Tops, Furniture Hardware, Medical Parts, Corrosion Resistant Applications, and so much more.

Consolidated Metals Service, Inc. prides itself in being one of the leaders in metal processing and slitting for over 30 years. You can be certain our products and services will meet all your wishes and demands in whatever industry you do business. Contact us today to learn more about our precision slitting services and the other possibilities Consolidated Metals has to offer.