Edge Conditioning

Edge Conditioning is a process in which the edge of a steel coil is rolled to a desired shape to make the edge safe for exposed applications. This process can also put a complete radius on the steel strip for applications needing full round edges.

Edging removes burrs (sharp edges from slitting process) in order to make the metal’s edges smooth and safe. This smooth edge is primarily accomplished by skiving, milling, or material redistribution using edge rolling.

Edge Types

At Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. you can choose from the following edge types:

In addition to conditioning the edges of steel coils, we can provide:

edge conditioning

At Consolidated Metal Service we specialize in edge conditioning gauges ranging from .015” to .125” and widths from .500” to 3.750” on coil to coil applications. In coil to strip our gauge range is also .015” to .125” and our width range is .500” to 2.750”.

Edging Capabilities

The full round edge is a full radius edge applied by forcing a strip of steel between edging dies at tremendous pressure. The edge not only becomes very smooth and safe to handle but becomes significantly more attractive in appearance. The modified round edge is excellent for exposed parts and for materials that must be handled safely. The edging process removes the burr and establishes radial corners on the material.

The deburred edge is great for materials that must be handled safely. The edging process removes the slitting to create a smooth edge of the material.

Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. offers other unique forms of edges aside from the standard edges typically available. We provide specialty edges upon request along with the standard edges usually available. We also offer edge conditioning for various types of metals such as stainless-steel edging, low carbon steel edging, brass edging, aluminum edging, and more.  The variety of metals and techniques Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. offers has made us one of the most experience and trusted companies in edge conditioning.

The process of edge conditioning can offer thousands of quality products and applications useful to for the end user. For those looking for a reliable means of creating a variety of safe metal products, edge conditioning may be the answer you’re looking for.

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