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Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Brass and Aluminum Edging

Steel edge conditioning is a process in which the edge of a steel coil is rolled to a desired shape…round, modified, etc. This process is performed to remove slitting burr from the edge of the slit steel to make the edge safe for exposed applications. This process can also put a complete radius on the strip for applications needing a full round edge.

At Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. you can choose from the following edge types:

  • Deburred (#5 edge)
  • Round (#1 edge)
  • Modified Round (#4 edge)
  • Specialty Edges available upon request

In addition to conditioning the edges of all types of metals, CMS can provide:

Coil slitting services
Shipping services
Warehousing your inventory for just-in-time delivery

Edge Conditioning
 Contact us for details about a specific project and let our experts give you the ‘edge’ you need.
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