Steel Coil Slitting Machines

At Consolidated Metal Service, we’re passionate about serving our clients and have the steel and metal-slitting machinery to do it. Our Yoder 24 Inch Coil Steel Slitter is a well-maintained unit and always ready to tackle any job.

Whether your project requires slitting aluminum or stainless steel, HRPO or 1018 cold rolled steel we have the metal slitter equipment to achieve your specifications. Combine this capability with our team of highly trained and well equipped operators, and it soon becomes clear why we have a twenty-plus year track record of business success.

See Our Yoder Coil Steel Slitters in Action

Our Yoder 24 Inch Coil Steel Slitter in Action

Our Yoder 48 Inch Steel Coil Slitting Machine In Action

We are grateful for each opportunity that we have to serve our clients. Our Yoder 48 Inch Coil Steel Slitter gives us the ability to serve our clients even more – with the capacity to slit ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 11 gauge in thickness. No matter what type of steel your slitting project may require – whether hot-rolled steel or cold-rolled steel – we can do it.

Why Yoder Steel Slitting Machines?

There are of course other metal roll-forming and metal-slitting machines and systems out there, but we’re very pleased with the durability and accuracy of Yoder’s metal slitters, as well as their longevity in the industry. Started in 1910, Yoder’s continued existence and Presence in the metal processing industry demonstrates their commitment to innovation and adaptability – as well as their excellent customer service. There are three main parts to a steel slitting machine, an uncoiler, the slitter and a recoiler. The key to optimizing the quality of the steel slitting process is in the setup. Insuring all elements are exactly aligned, cutter spacing and knife clearance are set correctly, quality tooling and sharp knives are being used and uncoil and recoil tension are all critical.

We don’t worry about our machines going offline and slowing down production, or being unable to meet the delivery dates we have promised our customers, because Yoder takes care of its customers – allowing Consolidated Metal Service to take care of YOU!

Steel Slitting Services

Steel Slitting Process

High precision coil steel slitting is also referred to as rolled steel slitting. The metal slitting process involves wide coils of metal that are fed lengthwise through a metal slitter and cut into narrow coils. As the coils runs through the slitter, sharp, powerful circular blades make the cuts into the metal. These are commonly called “slitting knives” and can be adjusted to make sheet metal strips of differing widths.

One of the value-adds at Consolidated Metal Service is that we’re able to make these adjustments to our steel slitting machines and can deliver rolled steel in various widths depending upon the needs of a particular industry or customer.

Precision metal coil steel slitting, often referred to as rolled steel slitting, is a process by which wide coils of metal are fed lengthwise through a slitter and cut into narrower coils. Each of the finished widths is known as a strand, and is recoiled to produce a finished width narrow slit coil.

The Benefits of Using a Steel Slitter Machine

The Benefits of Using a Steel Slitter Machine

Steel slitting is a service that cuts wide coils into narrower widths. This process requires specialized machinery and can make additional metal processing faster and more precise. This process has many benefits including the following:

Tight Tolerance

Metal slitting is very important when a tight tolerance is required. Steel thickness can affect how well a material can be machined, therefore your manufacturing process helps determine its slitting needs. Customers who are going to use injection molding would likely benefit from materials with tighter tolerances because it will give them more options during processing.

Consistent Product / Automation

Besides making the metal slitting process easier for further processing, metal slitting helps to create a more consistent product. Metal with more consistent measurements are easily fed through processing equipment and are easier to ship as well as to store. This helps to save time that would be spent on machine setup, supervision, and maintenance in facilities.

Waste Reduction & Product Quality

Purchasing metal that is cut close to your finished size reduces the amount of material that will end up as scrap. The cutting machine give you the option to use the slit width as your finished width so you are not losing edge trim like you would if you were cutting sheet metal. As more and more attention is focused on lean manufacturing, smart factories and “green” manufacturing processes, waste reduction will become more and more important. Indeed, some companies will only do business with other vendors that are employing green manufacturing standards so we are very pleased to be a forward-thinking enterprise in this regard.

Consolidated Metal’s Steel Slitting Services

We offer our high speed steel slitting services for the following list of metals in various material thickness:

  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Hot Rolled Steel (HRP&O Steel)
  • Tin Plate
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Galvanized Steel Sheet
  • Martinsite
  • Painted Materials
  • Electro-Galvanized Steel
  • High Carbon Steel (Annealed & Tempered)
hose clamps

Consolidated Metals Service, Inc. prides itself in being one of the leaders in metal processing and slitting for over 35 years. You can be certain our products and services will meet all your expectations and demands for your OEM and industrial needs. Contact us today to learn more about the precision metal slitting services Consolidated Metals has to offer.

As an industry leader and expert in metal slitting and mild steel edging and distribution, Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. provides coil steel slitting and edge conditioning in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes to the following industries and products.

  • Fasteners
  • Appliance parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Commercial builders
  • Plumbing products
  • Hose clamps
  • Clips
  • HVAC products
  • Machine repairs

More Metal Processing Services from CMS

Metal slitting and coil rolling are not the only services we offer our industrial clients, as we strive to be a turnkey solution provider for our many customers. Other services offered at our Northeast Ohio plant include:

  • Edge conditioning
  • Toll processing
  • Shipping/Delivery

In addition to steel slitting, other services provided by Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. include:

Happy to accommodate orders of any size!

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