Toll Processing

As a leader in precision metal processing, we can slit and edge your metal inventory in the same precise manner we process our own. We can accommodate small or large quantities of inventory, whatever your needs may be. Contact our office to arrange shipping your trucks or ours, incoming delivery date, specifications for the job, and completed delivery date. We can even warehouse your inventory and process it for just-in-time delivery.

Steel toll processing occurs when a business uses another company for processing capabilities due to the expertise and cost savings the steel processor can provide. Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. can act as your steel toll processor by offering our services to your metal and steel. We will treat your material the same way we treat our own. All the processes and processing equipment we use to produce the finished product for our customers will be used on your toll processed material.

Remember, at Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. we provide quality coil slit products and toll processing services with precise tolerances in a variety of metals and we can meet your precise requirements with coil slit:

  • as narrow as .250 inches
  • as wide as 48.00 inches

Contact us for details about a specific project and let our experts provide you with a no-obligation cost estimate on your stainless steel slitting and edge conditioning needs.

Toll Processing

When is Toll Processing Right for you?

Toll Processing is done when a company with specialized equipment processes raw material for another company. A materials processing company can take customer owned metals and apply finishes to it, as well as performing slitting services.

There are many advantages to having your metal and steel processed by another processing plant. Here are some of the most common reasons why a company would consider outsourcing to a toll processing company:

  • No capital investment or depreciation for equipment
  • Personnel downsizing and size reduction
  • Relieves existing floor space and warehousing capacity
  • Increases operating capital by decreasing maintenance costs
  • Metal can be cut to the desired customer specifications

How to Find the Right Toll Processing Company for you?

When looking for a steel service center to contract with, it is important to consider a few key factors. You should select a company that is located nearby in order to create supply chain savings and get better pricing on transportation.

You should choose a toll processor that will not only make your manufacturing processes easier, but also a company that can help to reduce risk and add to your bottom line. Review their quality assurance, quality control, and control procedures to make sure they are the perfect fit for your toll processing needs.

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Contact us for details about a specific project and let our experts provide you with a no-obligation cost estimate on your rolled steel slitting needs.