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Slitting Steel Process

24 Inch Steel Slitting Machine at Consolidation Metals

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Slitting steel is a type of metal cutting process where large rolls, or coils of sheet metal stock are cut using extremely sharp rotary blades. In metal slitting, straight lines are cut lengthwise into the large coil to create strips of metal that are narrower in width. As the coil runs through the slitter, circular blades – one upper, the other lower – make the cuts. These are commonly called knives and can be moved to make sheet metal strips of differing widths.

There are three main parts to a steel slitting machine, an uncoiler, the slitter and a recoiler. The key to optimizing the quality of the steel slitting process is in the setup. Insuring all elements are exactly aligned, cutter spacing and knife clearance are set correctly, quality tooling and sharp knives are being used and uncoil and recoil tension are all critical.

Our 20+ year experienced operators understand the criticality of setup, proper tool usage and machine maintenance. Take a look at the video below to see our machines in action.

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