Every year, Consolidated Metal Service (CMS) has a Christmas party. In 2019, we decided to celebrate the holidays another way — by volunteering at the Cleveland Food Bank.

“We thought it would be a better way to spend our time,” says Wes Stafford, Operations Manager at CMS. “We wanted to pay it forward.”

At the Cleveland Food Bank, a group of 10 CMS employees made boxes then filled them with healthy food items for senior citizens who lack proper nutrition. “Doing charity work gives you a new perspective,” Stafford says. “They showed us a video, and it opened our eyes to the people who need this. It’s not just for people who are homeless. it’s for people who are on fixed incomes and having trouble making ends meet. So that was eye-opening.”

Volunteering Makes for a Good Team-Building Exercise

In volunteering at the food bank, Stafford noticed positive energy and a sense of camaraderie among his employees as they worked toward a common goal. “It was a good thing to see,” Stafford says, “because that’s what we aspire to do every day on the job as well.” One CMS employee even adjusted his scheduled vacation to make it to volunteering.

Overall, volunteering with the Cleveland Food Bank was time well spent for CMS, and Stafford wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. “I think everybody appreciated that we participated,” he said. “It definitely had a positive impact on all of us.”

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