When National Band & Tag Company hired Consolidated Metal Service in 1992, it couldn’t have foreseen the longtime relationship that would develop.

But more than 25 years after their initial meeting, leaders at both companies share a deep mutual respect that has fueled their success for nearly three decades.

Desire to Solve a Problem Leads to a Trusted Partnership

In 1992, National Band & Tag Co. had acquired a new client, a cattle tag contract which required painted cold rolled steel. To obtain the painted steel, National Band & Tag Co. searched for a company that could provide it at a reasonable rate. When they found Consolidated Metal Service, they found more than a solution; they discovered a longtime partner.

Founded in 1982, Consolidated Metal Service is a recognized leader in custom slitting, edging and toll processing. The family-run business based in northeast Ohio prides itself on old-fashioned values — reliable service, customer satisfaction, treating people with respect.

National Band and Tag Co. itself is a family-owned business that launched in 1902. In seeking a partner, it was crucial to Joseph D. Haas Jr., VP of Purchasing at National Band & Tag, to work with a company that shares his company’s values.

“Other companies didn’t want our business,” Haas recalls. “We weren’t a big enough account for them. Consolidated Metals was willing to work with us when others weren’t. Just as importantly, they were able to supply the material we needed at a rate we could accept. It’s led to a valued relationship built on trust, respect and professionalism.”

Exceeding Expectations by Putting People First   

Consolidated Metal Service’s willingness to take on a smaller company appealed to Haas. He also appreciated Consolidated Metal Service’s willingness to warehouse materials for them for extended periods of time.

“The team at Consolidated Metal Service has always gone above and beyond to meet our needs,” Haas says.

At one point, one of Haas’s vendors no longer could service the company’s needs. Haas needed to find a new vendor to process 60,000 pounds of aluminum. The material was arranged in 48-inch-wide coils, and Haas needed them reduced to a much narrower width. He turned to Consolidated Metal Service for help and was grateful that the job was completed as promised and on time.

“They’re very accommodating, and they gained sales from that experience,” Haas says of the Consolidated Metals team. “They provide products and services in a timely manner with no additional fees, no surprises. Not only did Consolidated Metal Service purchase the coils for us, they also warehoused and processed them. To me, that’s going above and beyond.”

Consolidated Metal Service Invests in Its Products and Relationships

While Consolidated Metal Service provides a quality product and stands behind it, the most notable thing about the company is the way they value their customers, Haas says. He has visited the Consolidated Metal Service facility several times, knows the employees by name, and has a nice rapport with them.

Because of their long relationship, employees of the two companies support each other outside of work. Haas invited Consolidated Metal Service leadership to a fundraiser at the Cincinnati Zoo, and together they play in a golf outing sponsored by National Band & Tag Co.

“I feel that we’re more than just a customer to them,” Haas says. “It’s business, but they treat us like family. It’s a genuine feeling, one that emerged because our business relationship evolved into a personal relationship.”

To Haas, the level of Consolidated Metal Service’s authenticity exceeds anything he’s experienced working with other vendors. When Haas’s father died, Haas’s main contact at Consolidated Metal Service attended the funeral. “It made such an impression,” Haas recalls. “Loyalty.”

Because of all these things, Haas happily recommends Consolidated Metal Service to others. “Their attention to detail, quality and service far exceed that of other businesses,” he says.

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