We recently had a great opportunity to help a customer of ours.  We generally slit flat rolled steel, but in this case a customer had a need for something very rare, especially to us.  They needed .187” thick flat wire. But not only that, it had to be chrome vanadium flat wire.  To the layperson, flat wire and steel coils would seem very similar, but this isn’t really the case.

This is a situation where we don’t have the capability of producing that here, but we do have Don Cawley (salesman/buyer). Don probably knows more about the flat roll industry than anybody in the state, and we’re often thankful to have him on our side, especially in cases such as this.  Don was able to find a vendor that was able to specially make this product for us.

As you can see on our website, our niche is narrow slit coil. But we love getting opportunities to help customers out, even when it’s a little bit out of our comfort zone.