The process of cutting steel is a true testament to our advancement in science and technology. Consolidated Metal Service Inc. adds value of our own by having the ability to make special adjustments to our rotary slitters and by delivering rolled steel in various widths depending upon the needs of a particular industry or customer.

So what exactly is metal slitting?

Steel Slitting Process

While the process requires less than 6 AMPS and may seem relatively simple with today’s modern technology, it actually requires a number of machine tools and specialists working those tools to produce the finished coiled steel.

Precision metal coil steel slitting, or rolled steel slitting, is the system by which wide coils of stainless steel and other various metals are fed lengthwise through a slitter. As the coils runs through the machine, extremely sharp circular blades – one upper, and one lower – make the cuts. 

These blades are commonly called slitter knives and can be moved to make sheet metal strips of differing widths. Each of the finished strips (or strands) undergoes the recoiling process to produce a finished slit coil(s) with a narrower width. 

Consolidated Metal Services Inc. can adjust our slitters so that the finished products come in many different widths and can be used for a wide range of industries. You can either choose from our inventory or bring us yours. Either way, we can meet your precise requirements with coil slits as narrow as .250 inches or as wide as 48.00 inches. 

Sheet Metal Slitting Machines

Even with an efficient, systematic process, steel slitting would not be possible without a well-oiled machine. That’s why Consolidated Metal Service Inc. uses only the best equipment in order to produce the most feet per minute (FPM) possible. 

There are three main parts to a steel slitting machine: an uncoiler, the sheet metal slitter and a recoiler. The key to optimizing the quality of the steel slitting process is in the setup. Ensuring all elements are exactly aligned, cutter spacing and slitting knife clearance are set correctly, quality tooling and sharp knives are being used, are all critical components of a high-quality setup.

Our machines have die-set type gauge mounting rods that ensure easy setting and consistent squareness as well as dual bearings mounted at knife end to minimize deflection and increase knife life. In addition, Consolidated Metal Services Inc. slitter knives are double edged and much more efficient than single edge knives, offering flat reducing twist with no resquaring and maximum slitting width, so that the roll forming process goes smoothly.

With 20+ years of experience in metal working, our operators understand the criticality of setup, proper tool usage and machine maintenance. Take a look at our 24 and 48 inch Yoder Steel Slitters in action.

Slitting Services & Metals

We offer our high-speed steel slitting services for the following list of metals in various material thickness:

About Us

As a leader in metal processing and slitting services, you can trust Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. to provide precision coil slit products for steel coils and for a variety of other metals as well. 

Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. prides itself in being one of the leaders in metal processing and slitting for over 40 years and produces metal that is made in the USA. You can be certain our products and services will meet all your wishes and demands in whatever industry you do business. Contact us today to learn more about our precision slitting services and the other possibilities Consolidated Metals has to offer.