Here at Consolidated Metal, our first priority is to provide the highest quality precision slit flat rolled steel that meets our customers needs. In our quest to achieve this, we’ve spent the past few decades focusing on cultivating the ideal hot rolled pickled and oiled steel.

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel, or HRPO, is a basic form of carbon steel that is required when a clean, uniform and smooth surface is needed for application. With a simple, yet effective, manufacturing process, HRPO steel from Consolidated Metal offers multiple benefits to our users, including high product performance and enhanced surface quality.

Hot Rolled Steel

The creation of Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel begins with a process called Hot Rolling. This is a forming procedure where metal materials are passed through a pair of rollers. Hot Rolling occurs when the metal is higher than its recrystallization temperature.

After the steel goes through hot rolling, it then goes through the HRP&O process. The pickling part of the process uses water and other inorganic solutions at the mill to remove the scale from the hot rolled sheet surface. After the scale is removed, an oil film is applied to the surface to guard against rust.

Next, the steel’s surface scales of iron oxide are removed from the hot rolled steel by grinding, sand blasting, or acid-bath pickling. Hot rolled steel is used where dimensional tolerances aren’t as important as overall material strength and descaled steel tends to offer a better surface for applying various coatings.

The Benefits of HRPO Steel

Since hot rolled steel is allowed to cool at room temperature, it’s essentially free from internal stresses that can arise from quenching or work-hardening processes. This makes it an ideal alternative to cold rolled steel, which is tougher and overall harder to work with.

In addition, hot rolled pickled and oiled steel:

  • helps fight corrosion
  • is highly ductile
  • has an extensive tooling life
  • is paintable upon arrival
  • offers lower cost per individual piece
  • has unrivaled shape control
  • offers multi-directional properties
  • has consistent physical/chemical characteristics

HRPO Applications

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel is applicable to various types of steel products including burial vaults, automotive parts, agricultural equipment, strapping, tubing, rack systems, galvanized pipes and more.

At Consolidated Metal, we have additional processing which includes slitting and edge conditioning the HRPO steel for even more applications. The steel is then slit as narrow as .250 inches and as wide as 48 inches. In the end, the slit steel is used for fourslide and multislide parts, hose clamps, coupling, deep drawn parts, automotive parts, washers, and many more.

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CMS is known for the manufacturing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals since 1982. We perform custom-slitting, edging, toll-processing and forming of metals, as well as offering HRP&O steel to clients all over the world.