It always feels good to get a good report from a new customer.  A couple days ago we had a new buyer tell us that he wishes he’d have heard about us 15 years ago!

He also told us the he was extremely pleased with how quickly we got back to him with a price and how easy we’ve been to deal with.

This customer came to us because they had an item that they were having a really hard time finding.  Not only was the item hard to find but they needed the material within the week.  We were able to locate this material quickly and get the material to our customer in time to help them out of their jam.

We are currently working on our fifth order with this customer whom we just starting working with only a few short weeks ago.  This particular customer uses mainly roundstainless steel bar stock.  We tend to deal in flat rolled steel coils but we were able to use our vast vendor base to find this product.  It appears that our ability to get those hard to find items and a short amount of time has helped build the foundation of a relationship with a new customer.