Changes are Afoot at Consolidated Metal!!

In our ongoing efforts to streamline operations at Consolidated Metal, we are making an upgrade in the computer operating system that helps us run our business.  We are currently in the early stages of the transition toEnmark Systems, Inc.

This move is something we have wanted to do for some time now and we are very excited about the capabilities that Enmark provides.  We have been operating with a system for about 15 years that was adequate, but also required unnecessary operating time for it to do what we needed.  That system was good for us and it allowed us to provide great service to our customers.  What we gain with Enmark, however, is an ability to be more efficient in our day to day operations.

Some of the benefits of this change include having barcode shipping and inventory tags as opposed to hand-written ones.  The inventory screens are easier to use in terms of finding coils we have in stock and processing material.  We are able to eliminate steps in the shipping and receiving of material yet maintain the same level of accuracy in entering data.  I could continue, but I think the point is made.

Maybe the most exciting part of this switch is the operating time that is freed up.  That time that we will gain, once the system is up and running, can now be devoted to the continual improvement of steel slitting services at CMS.

We will keep all of you in the loop concerning this transition.  We can’t wait to see what is possible with our new found efficiency!

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