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  • Stepping Out of Our Niche to Help A CMS Customer

    We recently had a great opportunity to help a customer of ours.  We generally slit flat rolled steel, but in this case a customer had a need for something very rare, especially to us.  They needed .187” thick ...

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  • Helping Customers with Hard to Find Items

    It always feels good to get a good report from a new customer.  A couple days ago we had a new buyer tell us that he wishes he’d have heard about us 15 years ago! He also told us the he was extremely pleased wit...

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  • Steel Slitting

    The process of steel slitting or simply cutting steel is a testament to our advancement in technology and science. Here at Consolidated Metals Service, Inc., we have the ability to cut a multitude of large metal...

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  • Hot Rolled Steel

    Here at Consolidated Metal Service, Inc., we have been associated with custom slitting, edging, toll processing and distribution of different ferrous and non-ferrous metals since 1982. Hot rolled steel is one of m...

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  • Edge Conditioning

    Edge conditioning or “edging” is a brute force process that rolls the edge of metal coils to a desired shape soon to be used for various tasks and purposes. Edging more importantly removes burrs (sharp edges l...

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